Search for a Superhero
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Search for a Superhero is a tabletop escape game that can be played at your office or at a restaurant or conference space. Players break up into teams of 6 or so, and your task will be to determine which of a selection of candidates will be Earth’s next superhero.

It’s thrilling, challenging, creative, and ultimately, very fulfilling.

You and your team take on the role of the Superhero Recruitment Agency, tasked with hiring Earth's next superhero.

The game features dozens of pieces of original art, by illustrator Jon Marchione.

“A total delight! I hired The Mystery League to run a game during our all-company meetup. Afterwards, everyone told me they had a blast and wanted to know how I found The Mystery League. They were really blown away by the thoughtfulness and beautiful design of the puzzles.” — Joan at 37signals
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What is it?

A common sight: smiling faces and the satisfying sounds of cracking a puzzle.

You can think of the game as an entire escape room packed into a box and delivered to your workplace or bar of choice. It can work for groups as small as 5 and as large as 500.

Players are broken up into teams of 6-8, and play the game for about two hours. We are on site, giving hints and making sure all teams are having fun.

Every team will play the same game, and every team will finish. After the game, the host is available to facilitate a discussion on how the event went, and point out places where teams communicated well — and not so well.

The game is designed to get teams to work together, one step at a time.

“None of us had done any sort of event like this before. I think all of us were hooked after solving our first puzzle. We were cheering and high-fiving like little kids. The puzzles were smart, creative and fun in a way that made us feel smart, creative and clever.” — Katherine
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We build our games to cultivate:

“I attended my first Mystery League event last night and it was so much fun - challenging, detailed, the story and puzzles were engaging. I’m new to town and it was a great way to meet new people, loved the atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly and the time flew by too fast.” — Nicole
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Who's hired us

We’ve built games and run events for dozens of companies and organizations, including:

I work with very smart, very discerning colleagues who can be difficult to impress, at best. This was the perfect creative mix of head-scratching, fun, a-ha moments. I 100% recommend The Mystery League. — Annette at IDEO
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More info

We charge $70-$80/person, depending on the size of your group and the level of customization you desire. We can also offer discounts for very large groups or regularly scheduled events.

Download a one-sheet PDF about this game.

"This was the best team building activity I've done in any context." — Jacob at YNAB
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Who’s behind this?

Sandor Weisz runs The Mystery League. He has been making puzzles and games since he was a teenager. He's a member of the National Puzzler's League. He writes puzzles any chance he can get, which you can find at our Signals newsletter, @pzlr on Twitter, @mysteryleague on Instagram, or occasionally on the NPR Sunday puzzle. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two kids, and dog.

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