The Mystery League presents a Zoom-based game that melds trivia, deduction, and a little friendly competition.

How it works

We will emcee the game for your entire group on our Zoom account. At the same time, teams of 4-6 communicate via private backchannels. At the end of every round, each team submits their answers via a web form. Between rounds, teams get to chat with one another, giving the whole event the same vibe as a bar trivia night.

Enjoy yourself

Our game addresses the awkward features of Zoom social events by providing a structure where small groups can bond. Between rounds, we offer breaks that give the full group a chance to chat together. Teams leave the event feeling energized, smarter, and more creative.

Use your brain

Our event is more than just trivia. Our mystery rounds require you to find patterns in the answers. Our music rounds are more than just name-that-tune. Our puzzle rounds require you to look for connections that go deeper than surface-level information. Teammates get to witness each other problem-solving in a new way. See below for examples.

Watch a demo

Use this button to schedule a half-hour demonstration of the trivia. We’ll go over a bunch of possible rounds, and talk about logistics.

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Or immediately book a slot

You can reserve a time for your event by clicking the button below. I’ll reach out over email to find a time to talk logistics and go through a demo, if you'd like. At which point you’ll be able to keep your slot or cancel.

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Examples of questions

What is the name for the South Asian film industry juggernaut, known for lengthy historical dramas and lavish musicals?

In a Mystery Round, we present 10-12 questions whose answers have a common theme that players have to figure out. The answers to the above questions are: Bollywood, Brexit, Juneteenth, and Freakonomics. Can you spot the theme?

In the Poetry Round, we show the first three lines of a poem, and a picture that clues the last line. The answer is a famous quote or meme.

In the Just One round, each question has dozens of answers. Answering correctly earns you 1 point. But if you submit an answer that no one else does, you get 3 points.

In Overlaps, you have to find the one word that fits in both categories. Can you figure out what should replace the question marks?

In a Picture Round, I show four pictures and you have to figure out what they have in common.

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“A total delight! I hired Mystery League to run a game during our all-company meetup. Afterwards, everyone told me they had a blast and wanted to know how I found the Mystery League. They were really blown away by the thoughtfulness of the game.” — Joan at Basecamp
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Time. We recommend a 90-minute game, which includes four rounds of trivia. But we can run the game for any duration from 60 minutes to three hours.

Size. We can run the game for any size group, divided into teams of 4-6 players.

Cost. We charge $45/person for four rounds of trivia (90-ish minutes), or $35/person for 3 rounds (60-ish minutes). The minimum cost is $700.

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“The clues were just challenging enough that it was immensely satisfying when the answer clicked. Our team's consensus: ‘Just the right level of challenging.’ The answers had us in stitches. We're still talking about it the next day. It was such a fun break from our day-to-day remote work and a great upside to the end of 2020.” — Dawn at Textio
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Who's hired us

We’ve run online trivia & puzzle games for a few dozen companies and organizations, including:

I work with very smart, very discerning colleagues who can be difficult to impress, at best. This was the perfect creative mix of head-scratching, fun, a-ha moments. I 100% recommend The Mystery League. — Annette at IDEO
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Who’s behind this?

Sandor Weisz runs The Mystery League. He has been making puzzles and games since he was a teenager. He's a member of the National Puzzler's League, and he writes puzzles any chance he can get, which you can find @pzlr on Twitter, in the Mystery League newsletter, or occasionally on the NPR Sunday puzzle. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two kids, and a dog.

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Let’s talk

Email with information about the event you’d like to have — or use this form — and we’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

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