We asked the Mystery League to create a one-of-a-kind team building and leadership development experience for our most senior leaders. From the beginning of the project, Sandy and team delivered creative ideas and puzzle concepts that would be both fun and challenging. The team was extremely responsive to our needs and input; it was truly a collaborative effort.

At the end of the day, the event was a huge success. It served as the kickoff for our week-long leadership development program, and for many participants, it was the highlight of an outstanding week. Teams learned how to work together, balance workloads, and collaborate with other teams to achieve success. It was truly an outstanding experience, and we are very proud of the results! I couldn’t recommend Sandy and the Mystery League highly enough.

— Bob

I highly recommend the Mystery League for a virtual event whether it’s friends, family or coworkers. I was able to coordinate a trivia event on pretty short notice and Sandy gave me attention as if we’ve been planning for ages and he made sure that we had everything ready by the time of our event. This was a great icebreaker for our team members who didn’t know each other that well, and even more fun for those who already knew each other. Everyone had a blast and hopefully I get to plan another virtual event with the Mystery League soon.

— Alexandra

The trivia event we had with the Mystery League was so easy to put on and engaged the whole team! Sandor was a great host and the questions were the perfect level of challenging.

— David

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Mystery League team on our puzzle hunt. We at The Field Museum had quite a few constraints when it came to the puzzle that we needed created. Sandy and his team came up with great solutions and options for us throughout the planning. In the end, we have an enjoyable puzzle that's challenging for our adult audience, fun for team-building, and the story and ending is gratifying for all!

— Danielle

We hired The Mystery League to create a puzzle for our 130 person global team in Chicago.  Blending a must-see historic landmark with a uniquely compelling team building experience, our team was fully engaged all afternoon.  It’s takes a lot to impress a global innovation team, and The Mystery League delivered.

— Clay

We were looking for a way to break up the monotony of our annual conference and The Mystery League was the perfect solution. The puzzle hunt was a surprise to conferences attendees who had a fake agenda and who, quite literally, jumped at the chance to participate when they learned what we had planned. The clues used to solve the final puzzle fit our theme of communicating how individual, entrepreneurial efforts impact the organization as a whole. Thanks to the work from The Mystery League and The Art Institute, this was our best conference yet.

— Ahazi

Mystery League night at our office was a hoot. Custom props, clever puzzles, and a fun texting hint feature - the game was challenging enough to really bring out our competitive sides (although the Game Master told us it wasn’t a race!). Designed to draw upon strengths from different people in the group so everyone can contribute - our strongest mathematicians weren’t our pop culture connoisseurs, for example, and we needed both to solve the mystery!

— Bailey

We LOVED Mystery League. Sandy took trivia to a new level we didn’t know existed! Everyone’s minds were buzzing with curiosity throughout and we got to know our team so much better. A+!

— Fernando

We work with the Mystery League on an ongoing basis for new-hire employees to get to know each other and participate in an unbelievably fun activity!  We constantly get feedback after the puzzle hunt about how fun, unique, and challenging it the puzzles are.  Sandor is a superb game-maker!  If your company is looking for a totally out of the box idea for team building or group games and play, look no further!

— Corinne
We’re a fast-growing, remote-first company, so our semi-annual retreats where we all get together are important for our culture. Mystery League’s escape-room-in-a-box was the perfect icebreaker. It gave everyone a chance to work together and have fun with colleagues they might not regularly interact with. It was exciting to see everyone bring different skills to bear in solving the challenges. The company was unanimous that it was a highlight of the retreat. And Sandy’s professional administration made it easy to work in to our schedule. If you are looking for expertly-designed puzzles that get your whole team creatively engaged and enjoying themselves together, I can’t recommend Mystery League highly enough. — Paul

It was a pleasure to work with the Mystery League on the Secret in the Stacks at the Oak Park Public Library.  We had hoped the Puzzle Hunt would attract new people to the library by being a different kind of event and that was certainly true. We had to expand our registration from 100 - 140, because there was so much interest. Sandy delivered a unique experience that took participants throughout the library solving seven puzzles that culminated in one final puzzle. The puzzles were customized for our library: clever, varied and just challenging enough and worked perfectly for the time allotted to the program. I was very impressed with Sandy’s professionalism and creativity and look forward to having him back to assist us with future hunts.

— Lori

The Mystery League helped us put on a great event. Each puzzle was so inventive, making great use of site-specific details, and the overall event held together brilliantly. All of the custom materials produced for the puzzle were beautiful and polished.

— Joe

The Mystery League took our annual Scavenger Hunt to the next level. Our mission is to help people discover why design matters, the Scavenger Hunt is an introduction to architectural literacy. Together we tricked people into believing they were just having fun, but they were actually learning.

— Lyla

The puzzle hunt was expertly designed and intricately fascinating. We had a great time trying to solve innovative puzzles throughout Wicker Park, we had a wonderful time exploring the neighborhood, and our team learned a ton about working together. We would do it again at the drop of a hat!

— Andrew

I recently participated in The Mystery League's puzzle for Cards Against Humanity. This was hands down the most fun I have had in over a decade. I solved some, I missed some clues as well. I served as an admin for team Gimel and the interactions Sandor and the rest of the group had with us was downright fun and made every part of the game amazing. Thank you Sandor and the Mystery League for an amazing time. I look forward to future games!

— Kathleen

So many people emailed and texted us their amazement with the creativity and brilliance of the puzzle.

— Dana, bar mitzvah mother

None of us had done any sort of event like this before and all of us were a fair bit concerned about our puzzling abilities. I think all of us were hooked after solving our first puzzle. We were cheering and high-fiving like little kids after solving. The puzzles were smart, creative and fun in a way that made us feel smart, creative and clever. It’s also great that the puzzles work in tandem with an app on your phone that releases clues to you at predetermined times. It boosted our confidence to know that help was on the way when we were stuck. You feel the Mystery League’s commitment to make sure everyone gets through the experience and has fun. We started as three moms just looking for an excuse to get out of the house....now we are on the hunt for the Mystery League’s next event!

— Katherine, fan