Creatures on the Loose!
Escape Room in a briefcase

Ten terrible creatures, each from an alternate dimension, have been let loose to wreak havoc on our town. The culprit’s identity and motives are unknown. Hunters have been on the case, snooping around town and collecting evidence. But they too have vanished, leaving just their locked briefcases behind. You will need to break into the briefcase, find the creatures, and figure out who is causing all this mayhem.

Unlock the briefcase, and a trove of artifacts spill out. Your job: figure out how they go together.

Inside the briefcase you will find all the tools you need to solve the mystery, including (but not limited to): a newspaper, a magic wand, a bible, a calculator, a wallet of money, a pile of stocks, a Wonka bar, a leather strap, a code wheel, a map, and an enigmatic computer.

The centerpiece is a handmade computer, custom built for this game. It sits encased in a wooden box, silently waiting for you to give it the right inputs so it can spill its secrets.

“If you enjoy escape rooms, you'll love this just as much if not more. I would highly recommend it even if you’re worried that you won't be good at it. Sandor will help you through the process. We had a great time.” — Rachel Kagan
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What is it?

You can think of the briefcase as an entire escape room packed into a box and delivered to you. It can work for groups as small as 5 and as large as 70.

Players will be broken up into teams of 5-10. A team of 8 people can usually solve the game in two hours. (Fewer people = longer game.) Best of all, every team will get to play the entire game.

A team on the case.

“This game turned out to be one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. Not only was it joyful, exciting and full of surprises, it helped me realize my own capability. I left feeling more confidence in my mind’s capability than I felt after leaving any class I’ve ever taken.” — Janna Sobel
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This hunt is all about:

Just a regular ol' Wonka bar and a magic wand, just like you'd expect to find in a briefcase.

“I attended my first Mystery League event last night and it was so much fun - challenging, detailed, the story and puzzles were engaging. I’m new to town and it was a great way to meet new people, loved the atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly and the time flew by too fast.” — Dnice Nicole
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